Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where the streets have no lanes

At an internet cafe in Affori, a suburb of Milan. My ears perk at the word "mumkin" ... Arabic for please (I think). Eva and I are on our way out of the city. Home for the past two days has been a hostel ... and functioning psychiatric hospital. It was an acoustically bright place where you could hear the clock ticking very clearly.

"Opportunity is the sweet flower of time"

"No pursuit of man has been done in vain"

Phrases from yesterday's opera L'Orfeo, a beautiful production, and like nothing I have seen before. The theatre has a very deep stage - made even deeper by the illusion of the horizon and water in the scenography (by Robert Wilson), which in general was very well done. "Unreal" would be my best description of it. Subtitles on the backs of seats, like on airplanes - as if you were going someplace else by seeing a production in the theatre.

Marina and I had tickets in the highest seats, closest to the stage - ie not exactly great. Furthermore, to drive the fact in that we were to go to the peanut gallery, we were to go through another entrance. However, because I love Italy, it loves me back. For whatever reason, all tickets for seats up there were to be exchanged. In the end, we are in the 3rd Balcony, Box 16. So mid-height, just left of centre. I could not have wished better seats.

Also I am pleased to report that I have successfully driven into the heart of Milan, within 2 blocks of Teatro alla Scala, and come out again. It was sort of a 3-D pop quiz. Chaos, combined with intimacy, has developed its own rules of the road. Like a fast-pace secret handshake between the Milanese. Today it will just be the autostrada to Noceto, close to Parma.

If the keyboard was more functional I would write more.

(With normal pressure, the last sentence would be, "If he keyboad was mo unctional I would wite mo" )

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