Thursday, September 24, 2009


Currently at an internet café in Roma. The keyboards are much better here.

I drive out of Ponte dell'Olio this morning at 6:30, driving across a misty landscape with a red sun rising in the east. I arrive, via Trenitalia, at the Embassy of Mali at 13:30 in Roma and apply for my visa, which went swimmingly. They even smiled and gave change. And, instead of the 3 days which they had said over the phone, they said I could come back tomorrow to pick it up.

Which is great except that I hadn't planned on staying in this city - I thought I would need to return on Tuesday (3 working days from now). Hm!

I am travelling particularly light today, and flip through my mental files as to where my favourite place to stay here is located. I was last here in 2004, and I wander in the general area until a golden door magically appears in a white marble wall. Tah-dah!

Lo and behold, I receive keys to the same apartment as last time. My Casa Roma.

So I am really roaming around in Rome, which can't be that bad at all.

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